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Dear Valued Customers,
It’s with heavy hearts that we come to you this hatching season. Rowena, wife of second generation C. Marvin Estes, left us on October 15th 2019. She will be greatly missed.  It seems that she was the glue that held us all together. You could say that she was the Mother Hen to us all. As a family business, it’s hard to come to work and not think about the positive influence she had on us all. Not only family, but also our loyal management staff, and hatchery workers as well. She wouldn’t want us to dwell too much on her passing. Her favorite saying “This too shall pass” couldn’t hold more true than it does now.
As our 2020 hatching season approaches, it will mark our 98th year in business. We are still improving our new, larger location in Mount Vernon, MO. For those who are still unaware of our move. We are now located approximately 15 minutes west of our old Springfield location. We welcome one and all to come by if you wish to purchase your chicks directly from us.
We are still breaking in our new Chickmaster incubators and hatchers, and the chicks have been coming out beautifully. Estes Hatchery is now being run by Judy Estes Keitzer, along with son Sean Richardson.  We would be hard pressed to get things done without the help of our excellent management team Anna and Jeremy.  They really help us keep thing running smoothly. Not to mention the rest of our valued hatchery staff.
As we have stated in the past, our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality baby chicks possible. We do our best to give you, our customers, the best customer experience we can, so you can tell your friends and family about us.
We want to thank you, our customers, for all your business, past, present, and future. 
Thank you!
The Estes Family and Team

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