Travel Weary Birds

Travel weary Birds


Occasionally, birds become weak after being shipped to you. There are a few things to do to help this problem. Start your birds out on boiled eggs yolks. Use egg yolks only and crumble them up on top of their feed. Also dissolve 5 Tbs of table sugar in each quart of water. When you introduce your birds into their new surroundings, dip each of their beaks in the water and make sure they get a good drink. The protein in the egg yolks and glucose in the sugar water will give them a boost of energy and help them gain their strength. You can also make a soupy mix with feed and water and sprinkle it with the egg yolks.


Rear End Pasting:

If your birds have droppings stuck to their rear ends, they have been stressed. This is a sign that the birds have gotten too hot or too cold and their body is adjusting. Birds will make a whimpering noise, different from the normal “cheep” if this is happening. If you notice pasting up, use a warm, damp towel to gently peel it off. Do not leave the birds to take care of it. You must take care of this if it occurs.