Estes Management Tips


Temperature under brooders should be 90-95 degrees the first week and reduced by 5 degrees per week until you reach a temperature of 70 degrees. 


Provide one 15-watt light bulb for each 200 square feet for 14 hours a day for laying hens. 


Feed a 18-22% protein feed for the first six weeks. BROILER CHICKS SHOULD REMAIN ON STARTER FEED UNTIL BUTCHERING; HOWEVER, CHOPS MAY BE FED THE LAST WEEK FOR ADDED FATTENING. Laying strains should be fed a 16% protein grower feed from the 7th week until egg production begins around the 20th week. Laying hens should be fed a 17-18% protein laying feed to insure peak production. 


Should a disease arise in your birds: A poultry specialist or veterinarian will provide a proper diagnosis and treatment.