Other Birds


Turkey Poults:

Turkeys are not as intelligent as the other types of birds. Show them the water first off by dipping each of their beaks in the water. Turkeys like it very warm so be careful of drafts. Watch for coccidiosis and bacterial or viral infections.


Ducklings and Goslings:

Ducks and geese love water. A controlled waterer set on a plastic dish helps keep the mess in check. You will need to change their litter more often. NEVER GIVE WATERFOWL MEDICATION IN THEIR WATER OR FEED. Try to keep ducks and geese serparate from other types of birds.


Guinea Keets:

Keep guineas very warm. They easily get hip displacement, so make sure they are not on a slick surface.


Quail, Chukars, Pheasants & Other Gamebirds:

Ask us for a specific information sheet on gamebirds. Watch for cannibalism! These birds are much harder to raise and like it very warm. They will need a gamebird starter with around 30% protein.