Broad Breasted Bronze

The Bronze turkey is one of the most popular turkey varieties for most of American history.  They are a cross between domestic turkeys brought by European colonists and the Eastern wild turkeys native to North America.  The result of this cross are larger and more hearty than the European birds, and much tamer than their wild ancestors.   The coppery-bronze metallic color and sheen gives this variety it’s name.

The standard weight for young toms is about 25 pounds,  and 16 pounds for hens.  These turkeys are not meant for reproduction due to their overall size and weight.

Broad Breasted White

The Broad Breasted White turkey is the most widely used domestic turkey.  They have shorter breast bones and larger breasts, rendering them unable to breed without assistance (artificial insemenation).  They typically grow a bit larger than their Bronze cousins and produce more meat as well as their pin feathers being less visible on the dressed carcass because of the white color.