Assorted Bantams

Assorted Bantams


Our Bantams come as an assortment.  However you can get specific breeds.  It’s .50 cents extra per bird. Breeds available are Black Cochin, B.B. Red Old English, Buff Cochin, Golden Seabright, Millie Fleur, Partridge Cochin, Porcelain D’uncle, Red Cochin, Silkies (assorted colors), Silver Duckwing, Silver Seabright, White Black Tailed Jap.

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Marek’s Vaccination

Marek’s disease is a deadly, highly contagious “lymphoproliferative” disease affecting chickens. It is the #1 disease-related killer of chickens. It can cause paralysis, blindness and death in up to 80% of an infected flock. There is no cure for a flock once it has been infected; the only way to prevent the disease is to vaccinate.

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