Black Australorp

Black Australorp


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Marek’s Vaccination

Marek’s disease is a deadly, highly contagious “lymphoproliferative” disease affecting chickens. It is the #1 disease-related killer of chickens. It can cause paralysis, blindness and death in up to 80% of an infected flock. There is no cure for a flock once it has been infected; the only way to prevent the disease is to vaccinate.


Dubbing is typically used to mark a particular chick or group of chicks. So if you want to mark your roosters you can, or even your pullets. Only chicks with a rose comb cannot be dubbed.

Beak Trimming

Due to the cannibalistic nature of chickens, some people decide to have their chick’s beaks trimmed. Only select if you anticipate a problem.

Wing Trimming

Typically only needed with the flightier birds such as leghorns, or perhaps flying mallard ducklings. But if you don’t want heavier birds to “fly the coop” you may choose this option.

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The Black Australorp is a breed of chicken that originated in Australia and is known for its shiny black feathers, red comb and wattles, and docile temperament. They are medium-sized birds with sturdy, muscular builds and are excellent layers of large brown eggs. They are also hardy and adaptable, making them a popular choice for backyard flocks. They are a popular breed of chicken for egg production and backyard companionship.

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