Rearing Recommendations

Rearing Recommendations

Floor Space (Per Bird)

0-4 weeks: 1/2 square foot
4-8 weeks: 1 square foot
Mature light breeds: 2 1/2-3 square feet
Mature heavy breeds: 3-3 1/2 square feet

Brooders Provide one 250-watt for 50-75 chicks

Feeder Space (Per 100 Birds)

0-4 weeks: Two 3-quart feeders
4-8 weeks: Two 5-quart feeders
Mature birds: Four 5-quart feeders

Water Space (Per 100 Birds)

0-1 week: Six 1-quart jars or two 1 gallon waterers
1-4 weeks: Two 2-gallon waterers
4-12 weeks: Two 5-gallon waterers

House Condition

Should be clean and disinfected before chicks’ arrival; 3-4 inches of dry litter on floor; proper ventilation; use chick guards for the first seven days.