Turken – Review by Maria DeStefano – Monday, October 28th, 2013
“I got some Turken pullets this spring (2013) from this hatchery and I am very happy with them! This is a very good line of Turkens and all are very healthy! I look forward to doing business with in 2014.”



Black Sex Link – Review by Holly Schafer – Wednesday 23 October, 2013
“Lays a super jumbo egg most days. Everyone picks “black beauty” as the prettiest bird in our flock, her black is the green iridescent type. Our BSL was so gentle natured I had her raise another chick that was a month younger. She did a really great job as a mother hen. They aren’t known for going broody but I’m hoping she raises this coming years chicks for me. Lovely large bird with even larger eggs! “



Barred Plymouth Rock – Review by Holly Schafer – Wednesday 23 October, 2013
“I love my “Barcodes” and they lay nearly every day. Great, healthy medium sized birds that take care of themselves. Will be getting more this coming year.”



Welsummer – Review by Holly Schafer – Wednesday 23 October, 2013
“Purchased a welsummer rooster this last year from the local farm and ranch store. I don’t know how things got mixed up (store or hatchery) but the rooster was a speckled Sussex, not a welsummer. Suits me fine as he is gorgeous and healthy but he wasn’t what I thought I purchased.”


Cuckoo Maran

Cuckoo Maran – Review by Holly Schafer – Wednesday 23 October, 2013
“Our local farm and ranch store uses Estes to supply their poultry. I purchased a mixed variety of several breeds. Our best layer is the Cuckoo Marans. She lays a dark terra cotta speckled egg nearly every day. The eggs are shiny and very large. She is the first chicken to race up to me when I exit the house and a good member of the flock. I can’t wait to get a few more this coming year. Thank you Estes for including an exotic breed that lays better than my production breeds (black sex link). Chicks were all healthy and free from genetic defects and all the cages at the feed store, a clear sign of a quality hatchery!”


Black Sex Link – Review by Lori Burns – Monday 24 June, 2013
“We have 27 black sex links. They are wonderful birds and very friendly. They are now 7 weeks old and doing great. I have had problems in the past with chicks purchased at our local farm store. I decided this time to order online and I’m so glad I did. All future chicks will definitely be purchased through Estes!!”


Rhode Island Red – Review by Brittney Turner- Monday 15 April, 2013
“My chicken cream puff is the most spoiled chicken and weirdest ever she just walkes inside when the door opens. She jumps into the door when she wants in she is so great and now shes laying eggs.”



Buff Orpington – Review by Jonathon Lauritsen – Friday 08 March, 2013
“I get grand champion every year at my county with the buff orpingtons great quality birds.”