Signs of Ill Health


Coccidiosis is a disease usually contracted from an unclean environment. Birds will begin to die at 3-6 weeks. The number one sign is bloody droppings. Use a basic sulfa drug 1 and dissolve in their drinking water to cure coccidiosis. This medication is available at most feed and veterinarian supply stores.



If you notice birds picking on each other’s fuzz or feathers, take care of it immediately! If chickens pick and cause bleeding they will become cannibalistic. Use a menthol flavored ointment, pine tar, or any anti-pick lotion on picked birds. Petroleum jelly may work as well to treat injured birds. Separate any severely injured birds. Picking is usually caused by overcrowding or being too hot.


Bacterial/Viral Infections:

Any infection that causes muccous of any kind can easily be treated with any basic antibiotic. Respiratory infections may also be cured with this method. Antibiotics are available at most feed or vet supply stores.



The biggest sign of malnutiriton is crippling up of a bird’s legs. Other signs can include picking and a generally exhausted looking bird. All babies must be on a 18-22% protein starter. Hens must have a laying feed as their main source of food. Any cracked corn or oyster shells shoud not be their main diet.


Don’t forget! Babies need attention! Check your birds everyday for any signs of ill health!